Fostering in Faith: Antonio, Miguel, Franny, and Bev

May 2020 · Fostering in Faith

Siblings Antonio, Miguel, Franny, and Bev share an incredibly strong bond, making it difficult for them to be apart. Big brother Antonio, 13, loves learning about history and wants to be a successful adult. Although shy, he’s respectful of others, inclusive, and ensures no one is left out of activities. Friendly and outspoken, Miguel, 12, makes friends easily and hopes to “build things” when he grows up. Both Franny, 10, and Bev, 9, enjoy drawing and other artistic endeavors. Active and social, Franny loves playing with other kids. She wants to be a veterinarian. Bright and confident, Bev has an active imagination and hopes to become an artist.

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Fostering in Faith: Trystin and Aiden

April 2020 · Fostering in Faith

Siblings Aiden, 12, and Trystin, 6, currently reside in two separate foster homes, but they want to be together. Although they visit each other on weekends, they need more time in each other’s company because these brothers are extremely close.

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Fostering in Faith: Elijah

March 2020 · Fostering in Faith

Elijah, 11, has both an artist’s soul and talent. He loves nothing more than to draw and to express himself creatively. He wants to be an artist when he grows up. Due some developmental issues, Elijah sometimes has difficulty relating to peers and with demonstrating age-appropriate social skills. Although he likes school, he struggles with doing his homework, since he’d nearly always rather be drawing than focusing on the task at hand.

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Fostering in Faith: Milen

February 2020 · Fostering in Faith

Milen is extremely smart. His love of reading has enabled him to develop an extensive vocabulary. The Bible is one of his favorite books, and he reads it often. He wants to be a detective when he grows up.

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Fostering in Faith: Andrew

January 2020 · Fostering in Faith

Last summer, 8-year-old Andrew played baseball and loved it. Now, he participates in all kinds of athletic activities like swimming, soccer, basketball, and even hip-hop dancing. Big-hearted and friendly, Andrew likes to be helpful by cleaning house, cooking dinner, and helping the other kids in his foster home with their homework. He also prays often and enjoys going to church and telling others about Jesus.

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Fostering in Faith: Dennisse

December 2019 · Fostering in Faith

Respectful and polite, 12-year-old Dennisse wants to be a police officer when she grows up so she can help people. In her spare time, she likes to hang out with her friends, tell jokes, listen to music, and watch movies.

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Fostering in Faith: Pryce, Adoriana, and Avalon

November 2019 · Fostering in Faith

Siblings Pryce, 9, Adoriana, 7, and Avalon, 5, hope to find a permanent home where they can remain together within a new forever family. All three children have engaging personalities and sweet temperaments, which would make them a blessing to any family that chooses to make them their own.

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Fostering in Faith: David

September 2019 · Fostering in Faith

Interesting, soft-spoken, and smart, 12-year-old David loves the outdoors, but he also enjoys playing video games, especially Minecraft. He wants to be a game developer when he grows up. Although he performs well in all his classes, his favorite subject is art. In fact, David is an exceptional artist and especially creative.

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Fostering in Faith: Jozalonn

August 2019 · Fostering in Faith

Active, athletic, and sociable, 14-year-old Jozalonn enjoys any activity associated with sports, especially volleyball, basketball, softball, and swimming. Like any teen, she also likes to watch YouTube videos and play on her cell phone.Jozalonn also performs well in school, although she struggles sometimes with math. Occasional encouragement, especially from a strong adult female, can generally keep her on track. She hopes to join the U.S. Air Force someday and become an aircraft mechanic.

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