Fostering in Faith: Ke’Honesty

March 2023 · Fostering in Faith, Ministry News

Smart and creative, 8-year-old Ke’Honesty loves to draw and craft – and she’s really good. She’s also fond of dancing and music, particularly songs from the ‘80s and ‘90s.

Always considerate of others’ feelings, Ke’Honesty has a sweet and social personality. A third-grader, she’s right where she needs to be academically. She performs best in small classroom settings that do not overstimulate her. She attends school daily with no issues.

Ke’Honesty needs a family that can provide a structured and consistent environment, and would benefit from adoptive parents trained in trauma or who would be willing to take the training. She needs parents who can deal with her challenges in a positive and productive manner.

Most importantly, Ke’Honesty needs a family that will encourage her to be her own person and think through her decisions in a way that supports her self-esteem and long-term happiness. She needs parents she can rely on and a family that will welcome her and advocate for her needs. In short, Ke’Honesty needs a family to love her unconditionally and guide her through adolescence to happy, independent, and responsible adulthood.

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