Fostering in Faith: Jesse

September 2022 · Foster Care / Adoption, Fostering in Faith, Ministry News

Jesse enjoys playing football, wearing shorts year-round, and looking at shoes online. The 12-year-old also loves history and laughing at funny YouTube videos. Jesse wants to attend junior college and hopefully play for the NFL. He also has dreams of being an astronaut.

Jesse was his younger sister’s caretaker for much of their life before foster care, and he adores her. He interacts well with adults, although he sometimes has difficulty understanding what they are trying to tell him, which means he may need repeated instructions.

Since Jesse’s sister is no longer in state care, he can not be adopted with her. Nevertheless, it’s important that their relationship remain intact. It’s also important that he maintain his relationship with his maternal grandmother. She currently cares for him and serves as an essential support system.

Jesse would do best in a home in which he is either the only or the youngest child. He’ll need reassurance that his new family will never give up on him and that he will always be loved. He needs to be reminded that it’s okay for him to just be a child, have fun, and not  worry so much about taking care of others.

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