About Saint Francis Ministries

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Humble Beginnings

The Rev. Robert Mize Jr., an Episcopal priest, founded Saint Francis Boys’ Home more than seven decades ago in Ellsworth, Kansas. Fr. Bob had seen too many troubled youth disappear forever into the juvenile justice system, and he wanted to help them reclaim their lives and their futures. He offered hope. Over the years, the scope of our ministry has grown, encompassing adoption, behavioral health, Family Centered Treatment®, Fatherhood FIRE, foster care, independent living, in-home prevention, and residential programs.

We provide services in ArkansasKansas, Mississippi, Nebraska, Ohio, Oklahoma, and Texas. From its humble beginnings with just 12 boys, Saint Francis Ministries has expanded immensely, and today, we serve thousands of children and youth. Our commitment to creating brighter futures has never wavered, and we continue the vital work started by Fr. Bob, ensuring that every child and youth finds a path to a more hopeful future.

Who We Are Today

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Saint Francis, providing healing and hope to children and families.


Transform lives and systems.


We believe in unconditional love and forgiveness that leads to transformation. We are accountable to ourselves and others – we start and end our day supported by our faith.

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Multi-faceted child, adult, and family services organization.
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We prioritize honesty and ethics in all actions, knowing these principles build trust with those we serve and mission supporters.


We provide top-tier services exceeding standards, transparently and promptly, by qualified and respectful staff.

Respect & Dignity

We provide care that supports and reflects an understanding of a person, regardless of differences. This extends to our staff, clients and the communities we serve.


We adapt to evolving challenges by refining practices through continuous improvement, innovation, and evidence-based research.


We take ownership of our work, exercise decision making to achieve goals, and maximize quality of services with shared accountability and responsibility.

The Future of Saint Francis Ministries

For nearly 80 years, Saint Francis has consistently provided the necessary support for families and children to heal, hope, and grow. We’ve accomplished this through innovation, collaboration, and a persistent dedication to growth and improvement. As we continue to expand our footprint, we have embarked on a seven-year strategic plan to ensure that our programs and services continue to provide healing and hope for children and families far into the future.

A defining element of Saint Francis Ministries is our ‘Therapy in Christ’ approach, deeply rooted in the teachings of Saint Francis of Assisi. This holistic method, emphasizing the dignity and worth of every individual, champions unconditional love, forgiveness as transformative power, and the importance of God’s presence in daily life. Combined with a comprehensive range of care programs, Saint Francis Ministries offers an unparalleled framework for healing.

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