Building Families

Interested in Fatherhood FIRE?

Building Families

Interested in Fatherhood FIRE?


Fathering is not something perfect men do,

but something that perfects the man.

The end product of child raising is not the child,

but the parent.

-Frank Pittman



Fatherhood FIRE

  • Builds relationships between fathers and children
  • Supports co-parenting
  • Works toward economic stability for families
  • Educates and supports fathers involved in domestic violence
  • Serves mothers, too, who are connected to the fathers, even if they are no longer together as a couple

We serve fathers throughout the community who need support.



Would you or someone you know benefit from Fatherhood FIRE?

Fatherhood FIRE programs are free and offered in Kansas, Nebraska and Texas where Saint Francis Ministries has offices. If you’re interested in Fatherhood FIRE programs, fill out this form and follow submission directions. We’re here to help!


24/7 Dad

A skill-building class for fathers

The Parent Project

Support for parents of strong-willed/out-of-control children

Nurturing Fathers

For fathers with anger or domestic violence history

Inside Out Dad

For incarcerated dads

Connections to Success

Personal and professional development for men and women 


A federal grant of nearly $5 million is helping to strengthen relationships between children and their fathers in Kansas, Nebraska, and Texas.

Saint Francis Ministries received a grant of $988,062 each year for five years from the Administration for Children and Families. The grant funds the Saint Francis Fatherhood FIRE program, offering the opportunity to support families and change lives for generations.

This grant expands a successful fatherhood-focused program that previously was offered only in Kansas. Now, Fatherhood Fire will impact families in three states, changing generational patterns and helping fathers who want to be positive role models and show their love and support for their children.


“It has been truly awesome to see the parents who complete the class and hear their stories of how they mended bridges within their family and community that were once thought to be forever broken. I tell each one of the parents who take these classes that they must be willing to sacrifice who they are for what they can become, and the parents that complete this program have truly made themselves phenomenal.” -Steve Turner, Fatherhood facilitator

Cheryl Rathbun, Corporate VP of Clinical, shares about the importance of fathers, highlighting how the Fatherhood FIRE grant can make a difference for families.

Jared Barton, Assistant Research Professor and Director of Results Oriented Management at the University of Kansas’ School of Social Welfare, talks about KU’s role in supporting Fatherhood FIRE.

Fatherhood FIRE is supported by the Administration for Children and Families of the United States Department of Health and Human Services as part of a financial assistance award totaling $4.9 million over five years with 100 percent funded by ACF/HHS. The contents are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily represent the official views of, nor an endorsement, by ACF/HHS, or the U.S. Government. For more information, please visit the ACF website, Administrative and National Policy Requirements.