Fostering in Faith: Joshua

August 2023 · Fostering in Faith

Active and energetic, 12-year-old Joshua enjoys football, baseball, kickboxing, and rollerblading. He’s also fascinated with technology and loves to create and build. His favorite school subject is technology because he gets to work with computers. He also loves robotics, art, and playing with Legos.

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Young girl named Samantha, smiling at the camera, wearing an orange shirt.

Fostering in Faith: Sammy

July 2023 · Fostering in Faith

Sweet and kind-hearted, 14-year-old “Sammy” likes to make others smile. Artistically inclined, she enjoys drawing and creating art projects. She also likes listening to music and watching football.

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Fostering in Faith: Ian

June 2023 · Fostering in Faith

Energetic and funny, 10-year-old Ian loves to play outdoors, swim, play video games, watch movies, and play football. He has lots of energy, so he does well in organized extracurricular activities.

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Fostering in Faith: Preston

May 2023 · Fostering in Faith

We’ve featured 12-year-old Preston twice before with his older sister, Peyton, most recently in February. We shared how close the siblings are and how much they hoped to remain together. Since then, Peyton has decided not to be adopted, so the siblings have now been separated.

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Fostering in Faith: Bradley

April 2023 · Fostering in Faith

Wise beyond his years, 8-year-old Bradley is both intelligent and creative. Like any child, he enjoys going to the park or bouncing on a trampoline. He also likes to write stories, create art, and do anything associated with science.

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