Fostering in Faith: Marlie

Bright and spunky, 7-year-old Marlie loves to color, sing, and dance. If you ask her what she’s good at, she’ll cheerfully respond, “Everything.”

Marlie feels especially close to her younger brother who’s being adopted separately. His adoptive family has expressed willingness for the the two to remain in a relationship. Such contact would be good for both children. Marlie hasn’t said much about the type of forever family she prefers; she just wants a home where she is loved.

She says she simply hopes for a two-parent household with a “mom an a dad” and a dog – because she loves animals. Marlie also wants to stay in Kansas so she can keep seeing her brother.

Marlie is both kind and compassionate, especially with those she feels a connection to. She needs a stable home environment with access to therapy. Anyone interested in adopting Marlie would benefit from trauma informed care training and the willingness to dedicate time towards building a bond with Marlie. They won’t be disappointed, because she’s such a wonderful little person.

Please pray that Marlie will find the family she needs to blossom and grow into the person God intends for her to be.

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Picture of Beth Cormack
Beth Cormack

Beth is the project manager for the Saint Francis Ministries Marketing and Communications team.

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