Fostering in Faith: Bradley

April 2023 · Fostering in Faith

Wise beyond his years, 8-year-old Bradley is both intelligent and creative. Like any child, he enjoys going to the park or bouncing on a trampoline. He also likes to write stories, create art, and do anything associated with science.

A second grader, Bradley is healthy and performing well at school. Any adoptive family will need to make sure he continues his current mental health services and to understand how trauma can affect a child. He will do best in a structured and patient environment.

Bradley would benefit most from a family with training in trauma and experience in dealing with high-energy boys. He needs loving parents who are comfortable addressing conflict in a positive and productive manner.

This is a precocious young man who needs a family willing to make him one of their own, who will love him unconditionally, and who will help him heal and grow into a happy, fulfilled adult.

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