Fostering in Faith: Douglass & Jaycee

January 2023 · Foster Care / Adoption, Fostering in Faith, Ministry News

Siblings Douglass, 9, and Jaycee, 6, are a dynamic duo who hope to remain together “no matter what.” Douglass might take a bit to warm up, but he’s quite friendly once he feels comfortable. He likes to play sports as much as he enjoys his Xbox.

Funny and sociable, little brother Jaycee is the life of the party. Both boys love to swim, play video games, spend time outdoors, and go to school. They also enjoy helping with chores and with daily tasks in the home.

Douglass and Jaycee need an adoptive family committed to keeping the brothers together and to meeting their needs as they grow and navigate their future. They need a structured and consistent environment and parents comfortable with addressing conflict in a positive and productive manner.

The boys would do best in a family in which their individuality is respected and appreciated. Both Douglass and Jaycee will need to continue their mental health services. Please pray that these brothers find an adoptive family that will advocate for their needs and help them heal from trauma.

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