Fostering in Faith: Connor

January 2021 · Fostering in Faith

A real outdoorsman, 13-year-old Connor loves fishing, hunting, and playing football – but, if the weather fails to cooperate, he’s just as happy to practice his trumpet indoors or to play video and board games. Whatever the activity, he likes to socialize with his peers and would enjoy participating in a church youth group.

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Fostering in Faith: Alejandro, Marrina, & Damian

December 2020 · Fostering in Faith

These three siblings are delightful and engaging. Older brother, Alejandro, 11, is respectful and active. He enjoys sports and all kinds of physical activities, especially those that he can do outdoors. Smart and compassionate, Marrina, 9, likes to read and jump on the trampoline. She also loves art class and expressing her creativity. Little brother Damian, 8, likes to ride his bike, play Xbox, and spend time outside with his friends. He is friendly and adventurous.

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Fostering in Faith: Zackary

November 2020 · Fostering in Faith

Funny, smart, and engaging, Zackary, 13, loves country music and will sing along to nearly any song with gusto. He also loves to play basketball and spend time outdoors. He’s decided that he either wants to be a police officer or work with animals when he grows up.

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Fostering in Faith: Ja’Cori

October 2020 · Fostering in Faith

Happy and healthy, 11-year-old Ja’Cori sometimes struggles with feeling alone. Placed in care due to abandonment and neglect issues, he can understandably act guarded about trusting others. Yet, he does well with structure, routine, and one-on-one attention from adults.

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Fostering in Faith: Fernanda

August 2020 · Fostering in Faith

Born prematurely, 2-year-old Fernanda is extremely small for her age. Abandoned by her mother, she spent the first few months of her life in a hospital. Due to medical issues related to her birth, Fernanda is considered high-needs.

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Fostering in Faith: Carlie

July 2020 · Fostering in Faith

Active and inquisitive, 10-year-old Carlie loves to read, write, and draw. In fact, she excels in both reading and writing in school. She also enjoys swimming, attending church, and – like many girls her age – watching JoJo Siwa videos on YouTube. Carlie likes to wear dresses and have her hair done.

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