Fostering in Faith: Helen

December 2021 · Fostering in Faith, Ministry News

Sweet and affectionate, Helen (10) wants to be a veterinarian or pet store owner when she grows up. When she’s not riding her bike,  she likes to practice gymnastics or exercise her creativity by working with arts and crafts.

A 5th grader, Helen struggles a bit academically, but she works hard. Due largely to the trauma and loss she’s experienced, she has a hard time when she feels like she has no control. She needs consistency in her schedule and opportunities to make some of her own choices. She functions and feels best when she’s provided with options.

Helen needs someone to commit to her. Other potential adoptive parents have changed their minds for a variety of extenuating circumstances. As a result, she’s dealing with feelings of loss. She needs structure and no-nonsense, but loving, parenting.

Helen deserves a family that will accept her and love her no matter what. She needs parents familiar with the effects of trauma and who are willing to “pick their battles.” Mostly, though, Helen needs a family that will accept and love her for all her struggles and successes. Please pray that she finds a home where she can heal, grow, and build a fulfilling life.

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