Fostering in Faith: Dalton

June 2021 · Fostering in Faith

Despite his communication challenges, Dalton isn’t much different than most boys his age. He enjoys spending time outdoors and getting dirty, along with playing with blocks and puzzles. Smart and loving, he likes to stay active.

Dalton does not speak. Yet, he can communicate using an augmentative and alternative communication device. He also bonds well with caregivers and like any child, he loves attention.

The perfect family for Dalton will be a two-parent household with structure and stability. He will need people willing and able to spend consistent time with him, and he’ll do best with a family that enjoys the outdoors and staying active. In short, Dalton needs special people. He needs parents who can cope with his stressors and who have the emotional and spiritual resources to provide him with the unconditional love he needs and deserves.

Dalton would function best in an urban home because there would be more resources available to him. Since he spends so much time outside, he would also need a safe and secure outdoor play area. Mostly, he needs a family that appreciates his inherent dignity as a child of God and who will give him the love and care he needs to grow and thrive.

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