Fostering in Faith: Abigail

September 2021 · Fostering in Faith, Ministry News

Always on the move, 9-year-old Abigail wants a “no matter what” family to call her own. This adorable little bundle of energy loves bubble baths and getting her nails done. She also enjoys arts and crafts and playing with animals.

She likes to help around the house and does well performing age-appropriate chores.

Loving and affectionate, Abigail attaches to caregivers easily. With her mind so active, she needs lots of direction, guidance, and structure to help her deal with her frustations. She would benefit from individual activities like gymnastics or karate in which she can focus her energy.

Since she’s dealing with past trauma, Abigail needs patient and understanding parents familiar with mental health services. She will do best in a family with mature siblings and a structured, yet flexible home. Her current caregiver provides Abigail with a designated safe space where she can go when she’s upset. She’s also learning other coping skills that help her deal with stressors.

All in all, Abigail is a sweet and affectionate child who simply needs some extra attention to help her deal with unfortunate aspects of her past. Please pray that she finds an open and loving family that will accept her as she is and give her the support she needs to heal and grow into a fulfilled adult.

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