Fostering in Faith: Deaundre

March 2022 · Fostering in Faith, Ministry News

Shy when you first meet him, 8-year-old Deaundre will talk your ear off after he gets to know you. Once he feels comfortable, he opens ups and shows his great sense of humor. Deaundre loves to laugh. He’s also a sweet, loving child who responds well to one-on-one attention.

For fun, he likes to play outside, ride his bicycle, and play video games. Although he struggles with math and reading in school, Deaundre works well with a tutor who visits his home two to three times a week.

Deaundre functions best when he has the space to process his feelings. Due to his trauma history, he needs adoptive parents who can provide structure and boundaries. They should also be familiar with trauma and the ways it can affect a child.

He would do best in a two-parent home in which he is either the only child or the youngest. Most importantly, Deaundre needs a supportive, loving family that will advocate for him and help him heal so he can grow into a fulfilled and happy adult.

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