Fostering in Faith: Bryce

Loving, sociable, and affectionate, 11-year-old Bryce is a hugger. He also likes bringing people together by introducing his friends to one another. Bryce is happy playing by himself or with others, and he enjoys toy cars and trains.

Although still in the second grade, Bryce does well in school with counseling and encouragement. Sometimes, he struggles with transitioning activities and feels overwhelmed, but he’s working on it and improving.

Bryce has already had a tough time in his short life, and he continues to deal with past trauma. He needs a family willing to support him for the long haul. He deserves parents dedicated to giving him their full attention and unconditional love. A two-parent family would provide the best support for Bryce. Even better would be a strong multigenerational family with involved grandparents. An active grandmother in the home would benefit Bryce and his mental health immensely. It would also provide a means for the adults in his life to get the respite they need to properly care for him.

Bryce is a loving child who just needs someone to love him back. He craves love. He deserves love. He deserves a place to belong, where he feels safe and accepted. Please pray that he finds the forever family he needs to grow and heal.

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Shane Schneider

Shane is the Editorial Content Manager for the Marketing and Communications Department at Saint Francis Ministries.

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