Fostering in Faith: Gianna and Raeanna

February 2022 · Fostering in Faith

Sisters Gianna, 10, and Raeanna, 11, want nothing more than to be together in a family that wants and loves them. Both sisters are outgoing, talkative, and fun to be around. They love to laugh and enjoy exercising their creativity through drawing, performing, and art. Gianna wants to be an artist when she grows up, while Raeanna hopes to be an orthodontist. The sisters share a strong bond.

The best adoptive family for Gianna and Raeanna would be one committed to keeping them together. Because of their trauma, the sisters need an understanding family that will advocate for them. They need loving, patient parents willing to guide them on the right path. A cultural match would be best for the girls.

Given their needs, Gianna and Raeanna would do best in a two-parent household, although a single adoptive mother would work well too. This adoptive mother should have a strong presence and a capable support network. The girls would do well in either a rural or urban setting, with female siblings or younger male siblings. They would prefer a family that is active with each other and within their community. Gianna and Raeanna are loving children who have already had to deal with a lot. Please pray they find the family they need to heal, to grow, and to build happy lives.

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