Fostering in Faith: Patrick, Alexandra, and Dennis

August 2021 · Fostering in Faith

Despite their difficult lives, siblings Patrick, 10, Alexandra, 8, and Dennis, 5, remain remarkably resilient. Each of the children enjoys school and works hard in class.

Patrick especially likes science and figuring out how things work. He enjoys learning so much that it really bothers him whenever he has to miss school. A good-natured prankster, he also enjoys playing practical jokes and having fun with his friends.

A bit of a social butterfly, Alexandra prefers to be called Alex. She likes the social aspects of school and enjoys meeting people and making new friends. A people pleaser, she always tries to do her best in any task.

Dennis also excels in school and likes to spend time with people. A typical active boy, he sometimes likes to push boundaries, but he – as well as Patrick and Alexandra – is learning how to deal with his emotions in healthy ways through therapy.

Because they are so close, Patrick, Alexandra, and Dennis hope they can be adopted together. A two-parent home would work best for the kids since they are coping with past abuse. They need a family familiar with trauma and capable of providing patient, understanding care so they can heal and thrive.

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