4 Ways to Keep Your Kids Happy While You Work from Home

March 2020 · Coronavirus, Kids at Home, Work from Home

4 Ways to Keep Your Kids Happy While You Work from Home  

So, your supervisor sent you home to work until this whole coronavirus thing blows over, or at least until it starts to. Trouble is, your children’s school did the same thing. Now you have two jobs. How do we keep our employer happy, while ensuring our kids are educated, entertained, and occupied? Here are a few tips to keep parents sane and children less anxious. 

  1. Schedule your day. Whether we’re on the job or at school, we’re on a schedule – so try to incorporate one at home. Besides, routine calms children and helps them feel in control. Try getting up together and eating breakfast at the same time each morning. Chances are your children’s schools are conducting remote classes. In that case, you know what time they need to be logged on and learning. Or, if their teacher has assigned schoolwork, set a time for studies. While they’re working, you can do the same. Schedule activities and breaks throughout the day – for your kids and for yourself. Need some tips? Visit here.
  1. Get outside and recreate. Kids have recess at school, so don’t be afraid to send them outdoors for a while, weather permitting. If you have a fenced-in backyard, let them play for an hour or so. If not, maybe you can take a break and walk around the block with them – anything to clear the head and reset. Fresh air is good for both mind and body. Here are some inexpensive and fun outdoor activities to keep your kids healthy.  
  1. Be crafty. Let’s face it, it would be so easy to tell our kids to just turn on the television or to play with their iPads – anything to keep them quiet for a while. But this living situation might last weeks. Do we really want our children to spend the entire time on their devices? Better yet, schedule time in the day for activities that are both educational and creative. If possible, include yourself. This website lists dozens of activities for kids. If your work schedule permits, try joining them – maybe do one project a day together. If you can’t, these activities should keep them busy long enough for you to do your work uninterrupted.  
  1. Don’t judge yourself. Face the fact that you’re not going to handle this situation perfectly. None of us will. We’re all just feeling our way through this crisis, doing the best we can.  Tell your kids you love them, and take care of yourself. If you’re stressed, angry, and frustrated, odds are everyone else in the house is, too. Try to grab at least 10-15 minutes alone during the day. Hop on the treadmill or take a power nap. Or, take a mini meditation break. This article has some great tips about how to de-stress and calm down in just 30 seconds.  

One last thought … these are uncertain times, and many of us feel upended and out of sorts. This craziness will pass. In the meantime, we can try to look at this situation in a positive light. We do, after all, get to spend more time with the people who are most important to us in the world. I can’t think of anything better. 

Shane Schneider is Saint Francis Ministries’ Senior Copywriter