Tips & resources to manage the homebound routine

We’ve all seen the funny videos. A serious professional in a suit is on a web call with their boss/top client/vendor and a small child waltzes in the room, clearly happy and completely unaware their antics have taken center stage. Working from home can be tough, and it can also be rewarding. (Lunch breaks with giggly toddlers tend to lighten the day!) We’ve gathered some resources that might be helpful as you figure out how to make this work over the next few weeks. Feel free to email your tips in ( and we’ll share them too!

This website offers tips for managing all this together time with your kids and ideas for filling the time productively. It also links to age-appropriate schedules to make it easy.

Self-care is important! Thank goodness for internet access, and the ability to get on Skype and talk to your family! But walk away from that screen every now and then, too. How about jigsaw puzzles or even an indoor scavenger hunt?

Here are a few creative ways to fight boredom, perfect for all personality types. Have fun, organize, or take a nice, long bubble bath. From cleaning out the ‘fridge to discovering a new favorite podcast, this site has 55 ideas to win the battle with boredom!

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Beth Cormack

Beth is the project manager for the Saint Francis Ministries Marketing and Communications team.

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