Former Saint Francis boy sees transformation through forgiveness

July 2022 · Forward in Hope, Foster & Kinship Care

If anyone believes in redemption, it’s The Reverend Phil Snyder. For this Episcopal deacon, new beginnings are made possible through reconciliation and forgiveness. If that notion sounds familiar, it’s because Saint Francis Ministries founder, Fr. Bob Mize Jr., believed the same. He built a ministry on the conviction that forgiveness is one of the greatest instruments of transformation. Naturally, Deacon Phil agrees … because as a Saint Francis boy, he experienced it first-hand.

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Just a Heart and a Home

May 2022 · Forward in Hope, Foster & Kinship Care

If you’ve followed Saint Francis Ministries’ social media activity at all this month, you may have noticed several stories about foster and kinship parents. They form the foundation of everything we do here – providing healing and hope to children and families. So, during Foster Care Month, we like to share their stories, as well as their thoughts about how fostering has changed their lives. And it does change lives.

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