Fostering In Faith: Talen

November 2023 · Foster Care / Adoption, Fostering in Faith

Twelve-year-old Talen is a bundle of sweet energy, who enjoys interacting with others. He likes to build his vocabulary and is proud of himself when he learns new words. For fun, Talen loves to color, work on puzzles, play Minecraft, and watch “Paw Patrol.” In school, his favorit subject is science – largely because he likes to look at the fish in the classroom.

He like animals and helping others, so it makes sense that he wants to be either a zookeeper or a fireman when he grows up. When asked what makes him laugh, Talen said, “Tickles.”

Talen has no relatives available for placement, so he needs a forever family that he can call his own. The best option for him would be a family that understands autism. He needs patient parents and a family willing and able to work with him and love him unconditionally.

Talen is a wonderful child who just needs a place to belong, where he feels safe and loved. Please pray that he finds a family perfectly suited for him.

Download the Prayer and Fostering Details for Talen (PDF)