Fostering In Faith: James and Jermaine

Brothers James, 9, and Jermaine, 7, live together in a single-parent foster home. Neither child has visitation contact with their biological family members, so it’s important to find a forever family they both can call their own.

Polite, kind, and athletic, James loves football and plays wide receiver and linebacker on his football team. Like any big brother, he can sometimes act bossy towards Jermaine, but he’s happy to be placed with his sibling.

Friendly, funny, and sociable, Jermaine enjoys playing cards and memory games. Although athletic like his brother, he also enjoys spending time alone. His favorite classes in school are P.E. and science.

The best adoptive family for James and Jermaine would be one committed to keeping the brothers together. Both of these young men thrive with structure and consistency, and they respond well to properly defined boundaries and expectations. They would be happiest in a twoparent home with both a mom and a dad. The boys have also expressed a desire for siblings.

Please pray that James and Jermaine find the family they hope for and need. They need a home where they feel safe, protected, and loved unconditionally.

Download the Prayer and Fostering Details for James and Jermaine (PDF)

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Shane Schneider

Shane is the Editorial Content Manager for the Marketing and Communications Department at Saint Francis Ministries.

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