Productivity: Four Tips from the Home Office

 · Coronavirus, Work from Home

Let’s face it, working from home has its advantages. I admit that a part of me yelled “Yes!” and did a fist pump when I heard my department would work from home thanks to COVID-19. I saw myself sitting at my computer in my pajama bottoms and Beatles t-shirt, typing away between bites of pepperoni and provolone. Then, I thought, “Man, this would be the perfect time to grow a hipster beard.” As glorious as that sounds, I do have lots of work on my plate. Don’t we all? So, we need to maintain our productivity even though we’re working from home, perhaps with bedhead. After all, people depend on us. With that in mind, I’ve shared a few of the ways I manage to balance the novelty of working from home with the need to actually get my work done. Feel free to use whatever does the trick for you.

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Kansas legislature adjourns amid coronavirus response

March 2020 · Advocacy, Coronavirus, Ministry News

The Kansas legislature adjourned Thursday after passing a base budget, killing the proposed Executive Reorganization Order to blend human services agencies, and passing critical bills to support coronavirus preparation and response. Legislators had been trying to complete essential business since concerns escalated late last week about the need for social distancing and preparing our state's response to the coronavirus pandemic. The legislature may reconvene after April 27 for veto session but that will be subject to change.

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Coronavirus Anxiety: 5 Ways to Help Your Child Cope

March 2020 · Coronavirus, Talk About Stress

Everyone seems to be talking about coronavirus – on the television, in social media, and wherever people still congregate. It’s virtually impossible to avoid the scary news. There’s a good chance young children in your home are struggling with anxiety and confusion. Children, however, often have difficulty articulating their questions or concerns. They can also sense our own unease. We spoke with Saint Francis Ministries’ Clinical Director Pamela Cornwell about ways to help the children with anxiety caused by the COVID-19 crisis.

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