Guardian Ad Litem: A Child’s Advocate in Court

October 2021 · Advocacy, Hi-Lites, Ministry News

When children are removed from their homes, it is usually through no fault of their own. They may be awakened in the middle of the night, wrapped in blankets, and driven to another house to spend the night with strangers. Most of their toys and clothes are often left behind.    Whether a toddler or a teenager, they have little control over what happens to them.    But one part of the court process is designed to give children a way to know that their perspective is heard as they enter into a complex system. This representative is the guardian ad litem, or GAL.  

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U.S. Capitol building

Policy & Advocacy: FFPSA resources

May 2020 · Advocacy

Saint Francis Ministries is active on the state and federal level in the implementation of the Family First Prevention Services Act, the Family First Transition Act and other changes that shift the way the nation is looking at serving vulnerable children and families. 

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FFPSA could help states with pandemic

The Coronavirus Pandemic: Leveraging Federal Child Welfare Programs

April 2020 · Advocacy, Coronavirus, Ministry News

Even as the world works diligently to contain the COVID-19 physical health crisis, child welfare leaders are recognizing the mental health crisis and trauma that puts families, children and communities at risk. School closures, social distancing measures, economic impacts and escalating stresses that can increase domestic and child abuse or neglect is creating a mental health crisis that will likely have long-term impacts.

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Kansas legislature adjourns amid coronavirus response

March 2020 · Advocacy, Coronavirus, Ministry News

The Kansas legislature adjourned Thursday after passing a base budget, killing the proposed Executive Reorganization Order to blend human services agencies, and passing critical bills to support coronavirus preparation and response. Legislators had been trying to complete essential business since concerns escalated late last week about the need for social distancing and preparing our state's response to the coronavirus pandemic. The legislature may reconvene after April 27 for veto session but that will be subject to change.

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Transition Act proposed to support FFPSA implementation

November 2019 · Advocacy, Ministry News

Congressional champions for the Family First Prevention Services Act, who are working in a bi-partisan and bi-cameral manner, this week continued to demonstrate support of a successful FFPSA implementation. On Nov. 5, 2019, the House and the Senate introduced the Family First Transition Act, which has provisions designed to help states and stakeholders ease the transition to the federal child welfare financing structure in the FFPSA.

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