Artsy things to do at home with kids of all ages

What a resource the internet is when you’re at home with kids — from toddlers to teens — who are going to get a little stir crazy in the coming weeks.

We’ve compiled some of our favorite online resources for arts and crafts (and a few sneak in learning opportunities too). Feel free to send your ideas to add to this list to We’d love to share your tips and crafts. Send pics too!

  • MotherCould Blog: This site is packed with fun ideas like creating Heavy Clouds and  SqueeGee Fun.
  • Dollar Tree Craftaholics FB Group: This is a great FB page (you have to apply to join but it happens quickly) for craft ideas using items from low-cost stores like Dollar Tree and Dollar General. You probably have lots of craft basics lying around the house. Our personal favorite? People are using mops and dusters to make gnomes. So cute!
  • Tissue Box Monsters: Ummm, who doesn’t want a tissue box monster? ‘Cause I’m not sure we can be friends. The Best Ideas for Kids site has lots of great ideas.
  • Learn to Art Journal: This is a great activity for younger kids, but it’s especially wonderful for ‘tweens and teens. Art journaling is a great way to process feelings, and it can be done with papers around the house. No need for special journals or even lots of supplies. Lots of sites offer tips and how-to’s — we love Mindful Art Studio and many others.
  • Bring Spring home with Tissue Paper Flowers: This is a favorite of crafters everywhere because they’re so happy! They make great decorations for the dinner table and will cheer everyone up! The Hey Let’s Make Stuff website offers a post about making tissue paper flowers four different ways, so you can even try something new.
  • Printable fun: The Hey Let’s Make Stuff site, and many others online, offer free printables that can keep all ages busy for hours. From word searches to coloring pages to printables that can be used to make crafts, there’s a lot to be found.
  • Origami for Kids on the Easy Peasy and Fun site looks like lots of fun for everyone. From bunnies to mushrooms to puppy dogs, this fun craft will keep draw the adults to play along too.
  • See the world through bright colors and make a Kaleidoscope with kids. It’s a good way to use up some toilet paper cardboard rolls.
  • Tin cans become works of art in this post on the Simple As That blog. This is a great craft for all ages, including adults.
  • Make soap clouds! You’ll need Ivory soap on hand, as this doesn’t work with other kinds. But the clouds of soap sure are fun, and this post on the Our Best Bites blog shows how you can use it as actual soap when you’re done playing. No waste projects are always good!
  • Painted Rocks are a great way to add some pizzazz to the walkway and to keep kids and their creativity challenged. Crafts By Amanda has great ideas to get you started! We like the idea for creating Fruit Rock Tic Tac Toe — ’cause there’s the cutest kiwi painted rock.


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Beth Cormack

Beth is the project manager for the Saint Francis Ministries Marketing and Communications team.

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