National Nonprofit Day Celebrates Those Who Make Our Communities Better for All

August 2023 · Ministry News

Every year, on August 17, we celebrate nonprofit organizations on National Nonprofit Day. Nonprofits in this country and around the world work to improve the quality of life for others at the local level and beyond.

We could say that National Nonprofit Day began in 1894, when Congress passed the passed the Tariff Act on August 17, which exempted nonprofit and charitable organizations from paying taxes. Rather than dedicate themselves to private or financial gain, they serve the community by providing the programs and services people need to live and thrive.

Saint Francis Ministries’ mission is to provide healing and hope to children and families, and like other nonprofits, we exist for those we serve. Serving children and families is just one of the things nonprofits do to improve our communities, and Saint Francis is just one of many dedicated to their needs.

Yet, no nonprofit works in a vacuum. Every single one depends upon community partners for funding, volunteers, advocacy, and support. No nonprofit could be nearly as effective without partners.

That’s why SFM staff plan to honor those partners who help make our work a success. We hope you’ll join us in celebrating all the nonprofits and partners that work so hard to make their communities – large and small – better for all of us.

Here are a couple ways we can all support nonprofits this Thursday:

  1. Make a donation to your favorite nonprofit cause or organization.
  2. If you can’t give treasure, offer your time. Volunteer at a local nonprofit for a day.
  3. Thank a nonprofit or a community partner for helping make our communities a better place for us all.

Is There Room in your budget to support a worthy nonprofit? Is There Room in your life to partner with Saint Francis in providing healing and hope to children and families? If so, visit to begin.