Kansas awarded contracts, Texas campus changes

March 2024 · Mission Brief

Kansas awards CMS contract to Saint Francis

The State of Kansas has awarded Saint Francis Ministries the case management services contract for Areas 1 and 2, comprising 65 counties in central and western Kansas.

“We are excited to announce that we will continue to provide services in Areas 1 and 2,” said CEO William Clark. “The success we’ve achieved in these areas over the past two decades is a testament to the hard work and unwavering dedication every Saint Francis employee has to the care of the children and families we serve.”

Saint Francis Ministries has held the Area 1 and 2 contracts since 2000.

Texas QRTP transitions to all-girl campus

This month, Saint Francis Ministries’ Brentwood QRTP (Qualified Residential Treatment Program) in Lubbock transitioned from a co-ed to an all-girl campus, enabling SFM to offer additional benefits for youth seeking treatment and support:

  • Safety and Comfort: For some youth, living in a single-gender environment can foster a sense of safety and comfort, especially if they have experienced trauma or discomfort in mixed-gender settings.
  • Customized Programs: Treatment programs can include activities and interventions specifically designed to resonate with the interests and preferences of the female population, contributing to a more engaging and effective therapeutic experience.
  • Reduced Distractions: A single-gender environment may reduce social pressures and distractions associated with mixed-gender interactions, enabling individuals to focus more on their treatment and recovery.
  • Peer Support: Living with peers who share similar experiences or challenges can create a supportive community. This sense of solidarity can enhance the therapeutic process and promote understanding among group members.
  • Specialized Staff Training: Staff members at an all-girls campus may receive specialized training in understanding and addressing the unique behavioral health needs of girls, thus providing more targeted care. The staff at the SFM Texas QTRP carefully explored ways to improve the campus’ therapeutic and physical environment and concluded that a transition to an all-girls campus gives each youth the best chance for success.

Delayed egress doors installed at Brentwood

Saint Francis staff recently completed the installation of new doors with delayed and controlled egress hardware at the Brentwood Residential campus in Lubbock. A locking feature that delays the opening of a door, delayed egress will also sound an alarm when someone engages the exit bar and keep the door locked for a predetermined period of time.

“Delayed egress is a run prevention strategy, which takes into account physical and environmental conditions to reduce the chances for human error,” said Darrin Sewell, vice president of residential and outpatient services. “All doors at the QRTP will have delayed or controlled egress to enhance safety and security our residents.”

The time limited lock that delayed egress provides will prevent residential youth from simply walking out of the facility, allowing staff time to react to crisis situations and apply intervention strategies. The state fire marshal approved controlled egress for a few of the residential building’s earlier this month.

Controlled egress provides an additional feature to delayed egress. A few of the facility’s doors will have controlled egress, meaning the doors will remain locked and will only allow egress under key or emergence situations. This feature gives residential staff the ability to control the number of egress points and limits opportunities to leave the facility.

Questions? Contact Executive Director Kristina Brown at Kristina.Brown@st-francis.org.