Fostering in Faith: Trystin and Aiden

Siblings Aiden, 12, and Trystin, 6, currently reside in two separate foster homes, but they want to be together. Although they visit each other on weekends, they need more time in each other’s company because these brothers are extremely close.

Pray that a forever family will choose to adopt them both because Trystin and Aiden have so much to offer.

Smart and responsible, Aiden loves fish and reptiles. He hopes to be a herpetologist when he grows up. He also enjoys spending time with family and taking his little brother fishing. Trystin is fun, inquisitive, and easy-going. He likes to play with other kids and help others. Both boys like Pokemon.

Aiden struggles with change, but he’s learning to deal with it. He needs parents capable of demonstrating that they care for him and understanding that he has been through a lot.
Both brothers have said they have no preference for a family – they just want someone who will love them. Pray that God sends them a loving and stable family in which to belong.

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Beth Cormack

Beth is the project manager for the Saint Francis Ministries Marketing and Communications team.

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