Fostering in Faith: Josie

Josie, 11, loves all animals, especially insects. She likes everything about bugs and enjoys catching them just so she can watch them grow. If she finds an injured insect, she tries to help it. That’s because Josie cares about living creatures.

She’s also thoughtful, considerate, and creative. She likes all kinds of art and excels in origami, drawing, painting, crochet, and sculpting. She’s good at math, too.

Although she has difficulty trusting adults initially, she forms strong attachments once trust is established. Josie would be protective of any family that adopts her. With proper boundaries and structure, she would bring humor and excitement to any forever family.

Josie and her grandmother have a close relationship, so she hopes to join a family that will permit her to remain in touch with her grandmother through phone calls and visits.

Josie would do best with parents who can provide positive one-on-one attention and an active lifestyle. It would thrill her to live in a rural home where she could have pets – a dog, a cat, or a tarantula – and hunt for bugs outdoors. Please pray that Josie finds a family to appreciate her talents and encourage her in her interests.

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Beth Cormack

Beth is the project manager for the Saint Francis Ministries Marketing and Communications team.

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