Fostering In Faith: J’Nay and J’Nette

Twins J’Nay and J’Nette may look alike but they each have their own personalities and artistic interests. A natural-born chef, J’Nay loves Culinary Club and cooking for her foster family, while J’Nette enjoys rapping and writing.

The athlete of the two, J’Nette also participates in cross country and track, as well as activities at the Boys and Girls Club gym. J’Nay sits on the Student Council and enjoys church activities. J’Nette loves taking care of animals, and J’Nay likes to help around the house.

Unfortunately, the sisters are currently not placed in the same home, but they would like to be adopted together. Although they love each other, like many sisters their personalities sometimes clash. They need a patient adoptive family that’s willing to help the twins reintegrate with each other. They have not lived together since April 2022.

Please pray that J’Nay and J’Nette find a trauma-informed family that won’t give up on them and that will commit themselves to helping the girls heal and find well-being. They each have so much potential, and they need parents who can nurture their talents and make them feel loved and welcome.

Download the Prayer and Fostering Details for J’Nay and J’Nette (PDF)

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