Fostering in Faith: Hailey, Aerial, and Kay

Siblings Hailey, 13, Aerial, 12, and Kay, 10, have been in foster care about six years, and all three girls are fond of their current foster families.

Outgoing and energetic, Hailey hopes for a family active in sports and church. She’s especially good at gymnastics and crafts. Aerial also likes sports and is proud of being a good reader. Fearless, friendly, and happy, Kay is a social butterfly who likes to help around the house.

These girls have already had a difficult life, and they need a family who will welcome them and love them unconditionally. Hailey has lived in a separate foster home for the last several years, so they might need time to adjust to living together again. Yet, they get along well on sibling visits and want to be adopted together.

Aerial hopes for a home with a mom and dad and lots of animals. Hailey also wants a two-parent home and maybe a younger brother. She loves animals, too, especially horses. All three girls hope for a family that goes to church. They get along well with other children, and they don’t care where they live. Mostly, they just want a family who will love them and keep them safe. They also want to be together.

Let us pray that Hailey, Aerial, and Kay find the family they need to help them flourish and grow into capable, strong, and well-adjusted women.

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Beth Cormack

Beth is the project manager for the Saint Francis Ministries Marketing and Communications team.

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