Fostering in Faith: Connor

A real outdoorsman, 13-year-old Connor loves fishing, hunting, and playing football – but, if the weather fails to cooperate, he’s just as happy to practice his trumpet indoors or to play video and board games. Whatever the activity, he likes to socialize with his peers and would enjoy participating in a church youth group.

Connor performs well in school and is passing all of his middle school classes. He likes to help out around the house and strives to please the adults in his life. He would thrive with an active family that likes to spend time outside. A two-parent home, with a strong father figure, would provide the best fit for him. He would especially like a dad who likes to play sports.

Connor would be happy to have older siblings, but he prefers to be the youngest child in the home. He’d be happy living in either an urban or a rural setting – as long as he can spend lots of time playing outdoors.

Connor needs a supportive family that will love him unconditionally and give him the structure and attention he needs to grow into a well-adjusted adult. Please pray that God sends the family best suited to provide for Connor and his happiness.

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Shane Schneider

Shane is the Editorial Content Manager for the Marketing and Communications Department at Saint Francis Ministries.

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