Fostering In Faith: Christopher, Cylen, and Cherish

Christopher, 12, Cylen, 10, and Cherish, 9, have been through a lot together. The siblings currently live in two separate foster homes, but they would love to be adopted together.

Physically active and artistic, Christopher likes to draw and play basketball and video games. He lives in a kinship home with his brother, Cylen, who’s quiet and happy to go with the flow. Cylen also likes video games and sports, and both boys help with household chores.

Cherish is a bit of a tomboy, who enjoys playing with her friends outdoors. She also likes going to movies and playdates with the grandchildren of a friend of her foster mother. Although she’s not an adoptive resource, all three children have supervised visits with their paternal grandmother.

Christopher, Cylen, and Cherish will need a two-parent family with knowledge of trauma and its effects. They would do best in a home with structure, routine, and set boundaries. Mostly, they need patient, loving parents who can help them work through their trauma so they can go on to lead successful, fulfilled lives.

Download the Prayer and Fostering Details for Christopher, Cylen, and Cherish (PDF)

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Shane Schneider

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