Fostering in Faith: Aydin

Aydin is a creative young man who likes to express himself through arts and crafts. Creating, building, designing, and assembling are therapeutic activities that the 11-year-old finds both calming and engaging.

With his energetic and curious mind, Aydin likes learning about a range of subjects, including geography, science, history, and religion. He has an amazing memory and performs well in school, especially in those subjects that interest him. Also physically active, he enjoys spending time outside, visiting the park, playing games, and watching his two favorite television shows – Paw Patrol and Octonauts.

Mostly, Aydin loves to learn and ask lots of questions. Outgoing, he enjoys meeting new people and engaging them in conversation. He’s a smart, sweet, and compelling person.

Because of past trauma and other issues, Aydin would do best with patient parents that can provide him with quality one-on-one attention. He needs a consistent and regular schedule to thrive. Any family that adopts Aydin should understand that he will need time to acclimate. A two-parent home with younger children and pets would work well for him. A rural home with lots of space to play would be ideal.

Mostly, he needs parents committed to providing him with attention, structure, and love. Please pray that Aydin finds his family.

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Beth Cormack

Beth is the project manager for the Saint Francis Ministries Marketing and Communications team.

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