Fostering in Faith: Alejandro, Marrina, & Damian

December 2020 · Fostering in Faith

These three siblings are delightful and engaging. Older brother, Alejandro, 11, is respectful and active. He enjoys sports and all kinds of physical activities, especially those that he can do outdoors.

Smart and compassionate, Marrina, 9, likes to read and jump on the trampoline. She also loves art class and expressing her creativity.

Little brother Damian, 8, likes to ride his bike, play Xbox, and spend time outside with his friends. He is friendly and adventurous.

All three children perform well academically. They are also strongly bonded to each other. That’s why the best home for them would be one in which they remain together. Already separated from their other siblings, it is feared that they might suffer additional trauma if separated from each other.

These beautiful children need a home in which they are loved and supported, with parents willing to advocate for their medical and mental health needs. A two-parent home would provide the best match, especially one that provides clear boundaries and positive reinforcement. Please pray that these children find a family that is willing to accept and love all three of them.

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