Fostering in Faith: Jade

Jade is a creative, funny, and bright teenager who performs well in school, earning mostly “A”s with little effort. The 14-year-old loves to read and given the opportunity, will devour a novel in a single day.

She’s also adept at navigating social media and like other kids her age, enjoys spending time online. She needs a parent who will keep a close eye on her online activities to make sure she makes safe and responsible choices.

Jade’s other favorite activities include swimming, roller skating, and playing with pets. In fact, she’s quite good at taking care of furry family members.

Because of past experiences, Jade struggles sometimes with feelings of abandonment. She needs an adoptive family with the patience to help her transition into a forever home at her own pace. She would do best in a single parent, female-led home with few other children. She also needs a caregiver willing to participate in family therapy with her.

Jade shares a strong bond with her former foster mother, so it would be nice if they were allowed to keep in touch. Ultimately, though, Jade needs a strong female role model to guide her and to love her unconditionally.

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Beth Cormack

Beth is the project manager for the Saint Francis Ministries Marketing and Communications team.

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