Fostering in Faith: Chloe and Kailey

January 2018 · Fostering in Faith

Sisters Chloe, 9, and Kailey, 13, are both crazy about animals. Currently living with a foster family on a Kansas farm, they love every minute of country life. They’re also fans of the arts. Chloe likes the theatre, and Kailey enjoys music, drawing, and crafts.

Both girls are smart, kind, well-behaved, and resilient. They work hard in school and are progressing steadily in therapy. They also share a strong sibling bond.

Chloe and Kailey hope they can be adopted together, preferably by a Kansas family. They also remain close to their biological mother and would like to maintain contact after adoption if possible.

Both girls would prosper in a home with other siblings and pets. They will need parents with enough patience and understanding to help them cope with the loss of their birth family. With enough structure and love, though, they can adjust to their new environment and blossom into exceptional young ladies. They are each so sweet and even-tempered that they will bring joy to any family that adopts them.

Chloe and Kailey would do well in either a one-parent or two-parent home. If they cannot be adopted together, they hope they will at least be able to maintain their connection with each other. Mostly, the girls need a structured home in which they feel safe, supported, and loved.

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