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Fatherhood FIRE programs to start in April 2021

March 2021 · Fatherhood FIRE

Fatherhood FIRE classes begin in April, and the Saint Francis fatherhood team is excited to bring education, support and hope to fathers and families. Classes are free, and you don’t need a referral to participate!

Made possible through a federal grant from the Administration for Children and Families, Fatherhood FIRE extends a program begun about five years ago at Saint Francis. This new opportunity has allowed the team to expand its offerings from Kansas to Nebraska and Texas, and to offer more programs.

“We have seen such benefits from past fatherhood programs,” said Todd Hadnot, executive director of the program. “Although anyone working with families knows the importance of both parental roles, we often focus on mothers. Fathers are equally important and, because of many societal expectations and generational patterns, men sometimes don’t have the ability to understand how important their participation is to their children.

“It’s exciting to see them deal not only with what has happened in their current family, but also the cycles in their birth family, and to really understand what a difference they can make in the life of their children,” Hadnot added. “I have been honored to provide support to these dads, and Fatherhood FIRE allows us to continue and to expand that support.”

Learn more about Fatherhood FIRE and let us know if you’re interested in participating in a program.