All families deserve an opportunity to reunify

June is National Reunification Month. We celebrate it because even though Saint Francis Ministries provides foster care services, we work hard to help families heal so their children can safely return. The best foster care is always temporary. Granted, a reunited family is not always possible, for a variety of reasons. But it’s the outcome we hope for.

Saint Francis and U.S. Children’s Bureau agree: “Reunification is one of the foundational goals of child welfare practice – to bring families back together. During National Reunification Month this June, let’s look at the importance of reunification through the lens of the ABCs by Acknowledging that all families deserve an opportunity for reunification, Believing that families can achieve this goal, and Committing to a culturally responsive approach to reunification.” Jennifer Lee, National Foster Care Specialist.

And how do we help manifest those ABCs? Again, according to the Children’s Bureau:

  • A – Acknowledge: All families deserve an opportunity to reunify, regardless of their past challenges or circumstances. Acknowledging this fundamental principle of equitability is essential in the reunification process. It requires recognizing that every family has inherent worth and dignity, and that reunification is a right that should be afforded to all families.
  • B – Believe: Believe that all families have functional strengths for the reunification journey. Hope is the cornerstone of reunification, and believing in the potential of families to overcome obstacles and thrive is paramount. It involves recognizing and amplifying families’ voices, strengths, and resources. Belief is contagious. When we nurture a culture of hope and optimism, we help families envision a future where they can reunify and flourish together.
  • C – Commit: Commit to a culturally responsive approach to reunification … We recognize that race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and gender identity and expression affect an individual’s worldview, experiences, and relationships. By committing to a culturally responsive approach that prioritizes family ties and kin, we acknowledge the systemic inequities and biases that affect underserved communities and work toward dismantling them.

Is there room in your life to help heal families and bring them back together? Is there room at your table for a child waiting to return home? If so, visit

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Shane Schneider

Shane is the Editorial Content Manager for the Marketing and Communications Department at Saint Francis Ministries.

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