Central America

In Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, and Costa Rica, Saint Francis initiatives support and strengthen education, create economic opportunity, and drive system change through advocacy and local alliances. From our regional base in El Salvador,
Saint Francis works with high-risk communities through early childhood education, women’s empowerment and entrepreneurship, family and community strengthening, and other focused initiatives.


Our HOPES project, a justice enterprise, strengthens families and builds peace by providing jobs with dignity and economic opportunities for workers, while supporting social programs developed in partnership with school and community. Engaging youth and families in positive activities is at the center of our program, creating space for hope and healing in community.

Hope Knows No Borders

Our Episcopal heritage both obligates and inspires us to protect children, strengthen families, and search for solutions that threaten their safety and well-being. As a ministry, we’re called to serve the poor, the orphaned, the widowed, the powerless, the marginalized, and the dispossessed – wherever they live. Be part of the solution.  Join us in our efforts to provide hope and healing to children and families in other parts of the world whose safety and well-being are threatened. We are called to serve all God's people.
Give Big or Small

Your gift can make such a difference. Check out our many ways to help, then choose the one that speaks most to you. There's a life to be uplifted. And you're the one to do it.

International Social Service – USA

Saint Francis and ISS-USA have partnered to strengthen cross-border social services to children and families separated by voluntary or forced migration, adoption, abduction, or human trafficking where we work.

Saint Francis has collaborated with International Social Service-USA to produce a Spanish-language version of “Children on the Move”, a detailed guide of best practices to aid those working with migrating children and families throughout the Americas. The free book is now available for distribution to government entities, NGOs, social workers, religious organizations and others working to safeguard migrating children and prevent further trauma due to family separations.

The English version of “Children on the Move” can be found here.

Saint Francis ha colaborado con International Social Service-USA para producir una versión en español de ” Niñas y Niños en Situación de Migración”, una guía detallada de las mejores prácticas para ayudar a quienes trabajan con niños, niñas y familias migrantes en toda América. El libro gratuito ya está disponible para su distribución a entidades gubernamentales, ONGs, trabajadores sociales, organizaciones religiosas y otras personas que trabajan para proteger a la niñez migrantes y evitar nuevos traumas debido a las separaciones familiares.

Las versiones en inglés y español de “Niños y Niñas en situación se Migración” se pueden encontrar aquí.


China Fellowship

Saint Francis participates in the National Committee on U.S.-China Relations Professional Fellows Program. The Fellowship provides for a two-way exchange of emerging leaders from China, Mongolia, and the United States in the areas of environment, philanthropy, legal aid, and community building.

Fellows from China visit Saint Francis for a month, during which we share our expertise as they learn about our programs and services. In turn, our Saint Francis Fellows spend two weeks in China learning from social service providers within
the Chinese system.

United Nations Affiliation

As a Civil Society Organization, Saint Francis works in concert with the Department of Global Communications to support the humanitarian, sustainable development, and human rights goals of the United Nations, enabling us to share our knowledge and learn from others as we pursue our own international programs and initiatives.