Trauma Informed Matters (TIM)

How Are You Feeling Today?

TIM says, “We’re all going through stuff… supporting each other helps us support those we serve.”

As a Trauma Informed Service System, Saint Francis Ministries cares for children and families, as well as supporting individuals responding to the impact of traumatic stress on those involved in the system.

That includes children, families, caregivers, and our employees.

Let’s face it, trauma happens to us all.

So, being trauma-informed means being kind to each other.

It’s about maintaining the awareness that we don’t know the journey others are on. It means acting responsively toward each other. It means slowing down and paying attention as we interact.

Let’s help each other process …through intentional kindness, connection, and care.

Being Trauma Informed Matters

Recognize & Respond to the Impacts of Traumatic Stress

8 Dimensions of Health & Well-Being

These eight dimensions help us recognize when stress is shifting our lives out of balance. Adversity is inevitable but burnout and traumatization are not. Being trauma informed helps you recognize changes in any of these eight dimensions as a potential indication that you are experiencing trauma, secondary trauma, or toxic stress.

  1. Emotional — having the ability to cope with life and build satisfying relationships
  2. Spiritual — the values and beliefs that help you find meaning and purpose in your life
  3. Intellectual — recognizing your unique talents to be creative and use knowledge and skills
  4. Physical — resilience to disease with intentional focus on physical activity, nutrition, and sleep
  5. Environmental — the surroundings you occupy, both social and natural, that contribute to your overall sense of well-being
  6. Financial — feeling satisfied with your financial situation
  7. Occupational — finding meaning and satisfaction with your chosen work
  8. Social — a sense of connectedness and belonging
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