Saint Francis Ministries Successfully Transitions to Stage II

Lubbock, Texas – March 2, 2022 – Saint Francis Ministries has successfully moved into Stage II of its Community-Based Care contract with the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. Today, the organization began serving 41 counties in Region 1, which includes Lubbock and Amarillo, with case management services.

“We’ve been collaborating closely with DFPS to ensure a successful and effective transition to Stage II in Region 1 in the Texas Panhandle and Southern Plains,” said Vice President Cristian Garcia. “Always at the forefront of what we do is ensuring that Texas children and families receive the best care. This transition meant months of training employees who have moved over from DFPS, partnering with vendors and community stakeholders, and helping families understand what to expect as we move forward.”

“I’m excited for this key development in Community-based Care, and particularly appreciative of Saint Francis Ministries’ hard work,” said DFPS Commissioner Jaime Masters. “This is real, meaningful growth and change for foster care in the Panhandle that will translate into better outcomes for children and families.”

Saint Francis Ministries was awarded the CBC contract as a Single Source Continuum Contractor, or SSCC, in June 2020 in Region 1, which is one of 17 catchment areas in Texas. CBC is a new service delivery model for foster care and a range of child protective system services. It focuses on providing services in partnership with communities, which allows care to be individualized as it draws on local strengths and resources.

“This is an incredible milestone for Saint Francis Ministries and for the children and families of Texas. As we move forward with Community-Based Care in Texas, my hope is that we will continue to have exciting and life-changing partnerships with each community to provide the best possible outcomes for our Texas families,” said Trisha Thomas, Statewide Director, Office of Community-Based Care Transition.

After successfully setting up a network of services and providing foster care placement services in Stage 1, Saint Francis began the intensive planning necessary to move to Stage II.

“In Stage II, we begin the important work of healing families through case management, kinship and reunification services, deepening our commitment to Texas’s vulnerable children and families and intensifying the work we’re doing in communities to increase permanency outcomes,” Garcia said. “We are excited and grateful to do this work, that for most of us is a calling to make a difference for children.”

Saint Francis began its start-up period preparing for Stage II in September 2021. During this transition, Saint Francis has worked closely with the Department of Family and Protective Services to transition staff and prepare for the work ahead. The organization has already hired more than 175 new team members with a goal of hiring 100 more to serve children and families. Saint Francis also has been working with community partners to secure space for family visitation and working with our communities to ensure we are collaborating for children and families.

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Beth Cormack

Beth is the project manager for the Saint Francis Ministries Marketing and Communications team.

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