Saint Francis Ministries, Grutza Consulting announce partnership

Saint Francis Ministries and Grutza Consulting are teaming up to deliver technical assistance and consultation to public and private child welfare systems. System leaders are working to swiftly and effectively address myriad changes and opportunities to operate successfully in alignment with the Family First Prevention Services Act.

The combined teams at the two organizations bring experience and expertise from the public and private sectors that will help community-based organizations and public agencies navigate the processes and partnerships needed to successfully implement the provisions in the federal law and state-level requirements.

Along with bringing extensive knowledge of the FFPSA to the table, members of the Saint Francis and Grutza teams are skilled in implementation of federal requirements at systems and organizational levels; strengthening capacity for effective systems change; crafting strategic plans; and shepherding program and organizational transformation.

“Saint Francis chose to partner with Grutza Consulting because the firm specializes in deep support of community-based organizations as they navigate Family First implementation and do the work to align with the provisions of the law and state-level requirements,” said Page Walley, Saint Francis president and chief public policy officer. “The combined expertise of the two organizations puts a package of multi-dimensional supports all in one place offering access to the assistance community-based organizations and public agencies have told us they want and need.”

“The opportunity to partner with Saint Francis provides a valuable perspective, as the organization is not only respected nationally but also works in the field, actively ensuring safety, connection to family and community, and well-being for children and families every day in partnership with other child welfare system stakeholders,” she said. “That experience, combined with the national public policy work and state partnerships the Saint Francis team is a part of, gives additional depth to our services.”

The Saint Francis and Grutza team provides a full spectrum of support for community-based organizations to include

  • Strategic planning
  • Engagement with the public sector
  • Accreditation support
  • Organizational change management
  • Development of strategic input to state planning processes
  • Leveraging funding resources with Medicaid, and
  • Expertise on prevention, evidence-based practices, mental health, behavioral health, therapeutic foster care and residential treatment settings, including Qualified Residential Treatment Programs (QRTPs).

Ultimately, the leaders of both organizations said, their missions align: to bring value and support to community-based organizations so they can better restore well-being for children, youth and families.

“Through our work, in both policy and practice, we aim to keep families safe and together, building upon their strengths and reinforcing community supports in the era of the Family First Prevention Services Act,” Grutza said.

About Grutza Consulting:

Grutza Consulting believes that through the waves of change, we find our direction and that, particularly in child welfare, there is limited capacity and lack of opportunity to leverage innovation across the country.

Grutza Consulting is a specialized consulting firm that brings both public and private child welfare expertise to the table. It focuses not only on state and local child welfare systems but also the critical community-based organizations and private providers across the country. Grutza consulting supports governments and organizations in moving forward strategically based upon federal, national and local trends.

About Saint Francis Ministries:

Since 1945, Saint Francis Ministries has been dedicated to the needs of children and youth. We advocate for them and work to protect them. We do our best to ensure that every child we serve gets a chance at a happy and fulfilling life. As a non-profit, faith-based organization, we place great stock in the value of both traditional and non-traditional families. We believe strong families make children’s lives better.

What began as a home for boys on the Kansas prairie is now a multi-faceted child and family services ministry serving over 31,000 people in Arkansas, Kansas, Mississippi, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Illinois, Texas, and Central America with a broad range of programs and services. We help strengthen and heal families while providing for the health and security of children.

Though rooted in the Episcopal tradition, Saint Francis Ministries is an independent not-for-profit organization dedicated to the protection, nurturing, and healing of children and families in body, mind, and spirit. To that end, while partnering with government agencies in supporting children and families in crisis, Saint Francis Ministries honors religious freedom and is also committed to allowing children and families in its care to participate in religious activities on a voluntary basis.

Want to learn more? Please contact:
Jody Grutza, Grutza Consulting, 734-306-8698,

Marlo Nash, Saint Francis Ministries, 202-431-3532,

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