Saint Francis Ministries to Host Event Celebrating Statewide Expansion of Intensive In-Home Services

October 2023 · Press Releases

Saint Francis Ministries will host an event for media and stakeholders on October 19 from 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., at Red and Blue in Little Rock to celebrate the statewide expansion of Intensive In-Home Services in Arkansas.

Saint Francis Ministries, a faith-based child and family services nonprofit, prioritizes keeping families together by helping them develop the solutions and skills they need to reduce risks in everyday situation. Families learn to build upon their existing strengths so they can better provide for health and security of their children. SFM currently serves in 15 Arkansas counties.

SFM helps prevent the removal of children from the home through the utilization of Family Centered Treatment®, an evidence-based model of intensive home treatment that focuses on working with the family to build a stable, healthy future. FCT enables clinicians to directly observe families where members are most comfortable – at home. Interacting with family members within their “natural” setting makes it possible to directly intervene in unhealthy behaviors and to immediately reinforce positive, healthy life choices. The Title IV-E Clearinghouse rates FCT as a supported program with relevance for in-home parent skill-based programs and services.

Internal surveys conducted by Saint Francis in June reported overwhelmingly positive responses from program participants.

Featured speakers at the October 19 event include SFM Vice President of In-Home Services Dr. Nicole McCauley, DHS Deputy Director of Youth and Families Mischa Martin, and SFM President/CEO Bill Clark. All three will be available for questions during the event.

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