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Saint Francis Ministries is seeking to sub-contract for child welfare services in the Eastern Service Area (Douglas and Sarpy counties) in Nebraska in an effort to expand its Provider Network and to ensure that Nebraska’s children and families receive the highest quality services possible.

The Procurement Process

Below you will find RFQs and RFAs for each of the services Saint Francis intends to sub-contract for beginning July 1, 2021. Although each RFQ and RFA is separate, providers are encouraged to apply to provide multiple services. The following forms will be required for each service a provider applies for:

  • Appendix A Submittal Letter
  • Appendix B Service Response Form (RFA or RFQ)
  • Letters of Recommendation

During the procurement process, Saint Francis staff will not be able to speak with current or potential providers regarding the procurement. The procurement schedule does allow a period of time for written questions. All written questions must be submitted via e-mail to by April 15, 2021. E-mail headings should be titled “Procurement Questions.” Responses to those questions will be posted to the website on April 28, 2021.

The timeline for this procurement is listed below as well as within each RFx:


 1. Release RFx April 1, 2021
 2. Last day to submit written questions April 15, 2021
 3. St. Francis responds to written questions through RFx “Addendum” and/or “Amendment” to be posted to the Internet at: April 28, 2021
 4. RFx Closing May 14, 2021 by          4 p.m. CST
 5. Evaluation period May 14, 2021 through May 21, 2021
 6. Post “Intent to Award” to Internet at

Providers notified of intent via e-mail

May 21, 2021
 7. Contract finalization period May 21, 2021 through May 28, 2021
 8. Contract awards Issued by May 28, 2021
 9. Contract Return Deadline June 25, 2021
 10. Contractor start date July 1, 2021


DISCLAIMER: Application through this procurement process does not guarantee a subaward to the provider. Terms, rates, and service appendices are subject to change prior to final contract issuance based on DHHS regulations and approvals. The above timeline is a strict procurement timeline and does not allow for late submissions.


Saint Francis would like to take this time to thank the current Provider Network and other community organizations for their submissions to the RFx on April 1, 2021. In reviewing these submissions, it is clear that our Providers have such amazing talent and truly focus on the best service delivery possible for ESA’s children and families. We are proud to call you our partners.

Below is a list of all organizations that Saint Francis intends to contract with for each service. Please note that this list is an intent and is contingent upon additional information that may be needed, approval of rate structures, etc. Thus far, Saint Francis is still on track with the procurement timeline and we believe we should still be able to send contracts out beginning Friday.

Intent to Contract

Download Forms Here

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