It’s Nurse Appreciation Week! Meet our nurses!

At our Salina West residential facilities, nurses play an important role in supporting the youth. And it’s never just medications or the official medical part of the job — it’s connecting with them, building relationships, building trust! Most of the kids who are in our Psychiatric Residential Treatment Center, or PRTF, or in the Qualified Residential Treatment Program, or QRTP, have been through trauma most of us can’t comprehend.

Relationships are what makes the difference. Research has shown that it can be just one caring person who makes that connection with a hurting child, who helps them start to rebuild and look forward to the future. Our nurses do all the “regular” stuff — but they do so much more! Meet our Salina West nurses!

Stephenie Slaight APRN-BC

  • Stephenie has been a part of our nursing team for almost 22 years. She was the Director of Nursing for Residentials when she made the decision to go back to school to complete her Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner. She has now transitioned into the Director of Medical Services. With Stephenie’s many years of experience and knowledge of the company made for a natural transition and great asset to the medical and administration team here at Saint Francis Ministries!

Ashley Grant APRN-BC

  • Ashley is new to Saint Francis Ministries and our Medical team. She comes to us from Hay’s Kansas with a background in the Emergency Room and a Pediatric Clinic. She has made a huge impact and difference in our youth’s mental health treatment in the short time she has been with us. We are excited to see what the future holds and all she brings to the team here at Saint Francis Ministries.

Danielle Stansberry RN/BSN/Director of Nursing

  • Danielle started with Saint Francis Ministries in 2014. She quickly transitioned into the lead nurse position followed by the Director of Nursing. Danielle is a great leader who is able to step up and help where help is needed. She brings dedication and support to the company, the staff, and the youth we Serve. She is able to build and maintain rapport with each of them, which makes her a great asset to Saint Francis Ministries.

Steve Wesley RN

  • Steve has been part of Saint Francis Ministries nursing department for 24 years. Steve works our evening nursing position and has the ability to remain calm in crisis situations. Steve is able to bring a lot of knowledge and experience to our nursing team with all those years under his belt. In Steve’s free time, he enjoys spending time with his two boys, going to sports games, concerts, and shows. We are lucky to have Steve on our Team!

Kathy Duphorne RN

  • Kathy has been with Saint Francis Ministries for 14 years. Kathy is our Primary Admissions Nurse however with all her years of experience she can do it all. She fills in where we need her to and brings a wide range of knowledge and experience to the team. She also manages the youth’s vaccination program and assures they are all up to date on their immunizations. Kathy has a great love for her family and all her grandkids. She always makes sure she is present in the many activities they are involved in.  We are thankful Kathy is part of our Nursing team at Saint Francis Ministries!

Alysha Pierce RN/BSN

  • Alysha has been with Saint Francis Ministries for 5 years. Alysha has the ability to quickly build rapport with our youth. Because of her dedication to building relationships she is able to quickly de-escalate a crisis situation. Alysha also has a lifelong understanding and caring heart for kids in foster care.  In Alysha’s spare time, she enjoys spending time with her three girls and her extended family. Alysha is a positive asset to our Nursing team at Saint Francis Ministries!

Kim Gestl RN

  • Kim has been with Saint Francis Ministries for 4 years. Kim made the leap from 31 years of an acute pediatric nursing setting to join our team. Kim is our primary day shift nurse but will pick up additional shifts if we need her to. Kim has the most gentle heart and the upmost love and compassion for caring for children. Kim is always there to lend an ear to our youth who need someone to talk to and step up to support our staff when they need it. In Kim’s spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family. Saint Francis Ministries is lucky to have Kim as part of our Nursing Team!

Cassie Chesney RN/BSN

  • Cassie has been with Saint Francis Ministries for 3 years. Cassie came to us part time with previous Mental Health and School Nursing Experience. Cassie will now be making the transition to join our team full time in the Lead Nurse Position this month. Cassie has the ability to step up, critically think, and provide excellent leadership skills for the team. She will primarily be working directly with our medical providers and managing the outpatient medical services. We look forward to seeing Cassie continue to grow with Saint Francis Ministries!

Pam Howard LPN

  • Pam has been with Saint Francis Ministries for 3 years. She primarily works the overnight nursing position. Pam has stepped up and came in early or stayed later in the mornings to help when needed. Pam has the ability to work independently and has become a great support for our overnight staff. Pam has a caring heart and has a great amount of compassion to helping the youth. In Pam’s spare time, she loves spending time with her fiancé, family, grandchildren, and her French bulldog. Pam is a great asset to the Nursing team here at Saint Francis Ministries!

Melissa Keller RN/BSN

  • Melissa is just joining our Nursing team here at Saint Francis Ministries as our part time nurse. Melissa brings a wide range of knowledge primarily working long term care. She is excited to try something new and we look forward to seeing her grow with Saint Francis Ministries and where that journey may take her. Melissa has dedication and compassion to helping others. In Melissa’s spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family and doing photography. Saint Francis Ministries is thankful to add Melissa to our Team!

Jamal Lupai LPN

  • Jamal is currently contracted with our Nursing team. Jamal has been a wonderful help and support for our nursing team. He is extremely flexible with scheduling and a hard worker. He steps up and picks up open shifts to make sure coverage is filled. He took the leap to transition from long term care to pediatric mental health. He is always open to learning new things and expanding his knowledge in the nursing field. We look forward to continuing seeing how Saint Francis Ministries can help Jamal grow!
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