Gift-in-Kind Donation

Non-Cash Gifts

Your non-monetary contributions are invaluable to us at Saint Francis Ministries, providing essential support that directly impacts the lives of children and families we serve. By donating goods or services, you’re not only supporting our mission to heal and offer hope; you’re also contributing to the sustainability and effectiveness of our programs. Whether it’s office supplies, educational materials, or other tangible assets, your gift-in-kind helps us allocate more resources towards direct aid and support for those in need. We warmly welcome and deeply appreciate your generosity, as it allows us to extend our reach and enhance the quality of care and services we provide.

Thank you for considering a non-cash gift to Saint Francis Ministries. Your support makes a difference.

A young child with short curly hair and a gray hoodie smiles while holding the hand of an adult. The scene appears to be outdoors with greenery in the background. The child's attention is focused on the camera.

Gifts are tax deductible as allowed by law. A receipt will be issued with completed forms for tax purposes.

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