Fostering in Faith: Zackary

Funny, smart, and engaging, Zackary, 13, loves country music and will sing along to nearly any song with gusto. He also loves to play basketball and spend time outdoors. He’s decided that he either wants to be a police officer or work with animals when he grows up.

In fact, Zackary finds animals therapeutic and calming. He enjoys caring for them. Although healthy and developmentally on track, he meets regularly with a therapist. He needs an understanding family, preferably one with pets, who will ensure his behavioral health care needs are met.

Zackary remains close to his birth family, especially his grandmother and an uncle. He also has three younger brothers who live elsewhere. He hopes to maintain connections with these important people in his life.

Zackary needs a family that will provide him with support, affection, and structure. He will flourish if treated with understanding and patience. The best situation for him would be a two-parent family willing to welcome him fully as one of their own and who will give him time to adjust to his new situation. He needs a family who believes in him and who will help him grow in confidence and purpose.

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Beth Cormack

Beth is the project manager for the Saint Francis Ministries Marketing and Communications team.

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