Fostering in Faith: Preston

May 2023 · Fostering in Faith

We’ve featured 12-year-old Preston twice before with his older sister, Peyton, most recently in February. We shared how close the siblings are and how much they hoped to remain together. Since then, Peyton has decided not to be adopted, so the siblings have now been separated.

Now, more than ever, this child needs a family. Sociable and deeply caring,  Preston likes to ride bikes, play video games, and swim. He has also developed a love for camping.

In school, he maintains good grades and responds well to the structure school provides. He needs a consistent and highly structured environment.

Preston also needs a family that will remain committed to meeting his needs now and for the long run. He deserves parents who can provide appropriate supervision and who understand the challenges of adolescence. He would do best with adoptive parents experienced in raising teens.

Preston needs a family that is comfortable with addressing conflict in a positive and productive manner. He needs a home where he can feel welcome and where he knows he is loved unconditionally. He has been in a stable foster placement since 2021, but he needs a forever family, especially now.

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