Fostering in Faith: Peyton & Preston

April 2022 · Fostering in Faith, Ministry News

Nurturing and caring, 13-year-old Peyton looks out for her brother, Preston. The two are so close that they desperately hope to remain together. Peyton enjoys Tik Tok, playing video games, and swimming. Sociable and caring, 11-year-old Preston likes to ride bikes, play video games, swim, and camp.

Both children perform well in school, with 7th grader Peyton earning As and Bs, while 5th grader Preston maintains straight As. They both enjoy school and like to learn.

It’s already been a rough road for these two siblings. They need an adoptive family committed to keeping them together and to meeting their needs. A highly structured and consistent environment will help them thrive.

As the children move into adolescence, they’ll need parents who understand parenting teens. They should know how to address conflict in a productive and patient manner. Peyton in particular needs parents who will encourage her to be her own person and to think through choices in positive ways.

Please pray that she and Preston find a family to love and support them as they heal and grow into happy and thriving adults.

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